• The only natural carbonated water in Bulgaria;
  • There are only three mineral springs in the world which water is similar to Mihalkovo water in terms of composition, taste and qualities: Vichy in France, Borjomi in Georgia and Fachingen in Germany.


  • Mihalkovo naturally carbonated mineral water,
  • Natural fruit flavour.


  • Fresh scent of lemon;
  • Exquisite aroma of currant;
  • Soft peach flavour.


  • 100% natural product with fruit aroma;
  • No added sugar;
  • No coloring;
  • Possesses a number of healing properties.


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Naturally carbonated mineral water of Mihalkovo with fruit flavour – A gift from nature!

Glass 0.3 L



The spring water is being extracted very close to the earth’s surface – at a depth of 0-100 m, at a temperature under 20 degrees Celsius. Mineral spring water of Mihalkovo with a pink label is low-mineralized with a total mineralization of 72 mg/ l and low level of sodium, with an exceptional taste.

Mihalkovo spring water is pure mountain water from the Rhodopes. It springs at 1800 m above sea level at the foot of Modar Peak. Mihalkovo spring water is low mineralized water, suitable for everyday use by all age groups.

It is transported to a bottling plant where is bottled via a rigid connection. The whole process of supply of spring water is controlled from source to end user, meeting EU safety requirements.



Mineral contents

Anions mg/lCations mg/l
F < 0,05 Na 3,37
Cl 3,19 K 1,74
SO4 7,82 Ca 19,02
    Mg 1,40


Electrical conductivity – 119 µS
pH – 7.4



Mihalkovo spring water Glass 0.3 L
PET 0.5 L
1.5 L
3.5 L
8 L
Bag-in-box 10 L
15 L




ISO 9001:2015 – 11.06.2020



The Mihalkovo naturally carbonated mineral water springs up from 70 meters depth with a temperature of 24°C in an area ecologically clean which is in the Western Rhodopes. The pleasant taste of Mihalkovo water along with its extraordinary healing properties are entirely due to the minerals through which water passes on its way to the earth's surface, combined with the natural carbon dioxide contents it has. All this turns this water into a tonifying and refreshing drink. It is characterized as highly mineralized, hypothermal, hydrocarbon, calcium-sodium and silicon water containing fluoride and carbon dioxide.



There are only three mineral springs in the world whose water is similar to Mihalkovo water in terms of composition, taste and qualities:

  • Vichy in France,
  • Borjomi in Georgia,
  • Fachingen in Germany.


Healing properties

Carbonated mineral water Mihalkovo possesses many healing properties - it helps to restore the salt balance in the body during active sport and acts exceptionally favorably in the treatment of:

  • diseases of the digestive tract (chronic gastritis, colitis and stomach ulcers, constipation); impaired metabolism (obesity, diabetes mellitus);
  • kidney-urologic diseases (especially phosphate stones);
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • diseases of the locomotory system (age-related osteoporosis);
  • chronic inflammation of the gums;
  • caries in children and adults;
  • chronic heavy metal detoxification of occupational and ecological and household nature.


Mineral contents

Anions mg/lCations mg/l
F 3,1 Na 440,0
Cl 48,7 K 29,72
SO4 302,0 Ca 236,0
HCO3 1732,9 Mg 48,5
  • Total mineralization – 2372 mg/l
  • Electrical conductivity – 2510 µs/cm
  • Carbon dioxide – 1176.30 mg/l
  • pH – 6.4


Naturally carbonated
mineral water
Glass 0.3 L
PET 0.5 L
1.5 L



SGS DE13/223574841 Mihalkovo TPK
SGS - DE13/223574841
SGS DE13/223574850 Mihalkovo JSC
SGS - DE13/223574850


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