• VITU low calorie drink

    Low-cal aerated beverage

    Vitu – the taste of your childhood
  • VITU low calorie drink

    Low-cal aerated beverage

    Vitu – the taste of your childhood

The name

The name of this drink comes from the name of the Thracian god of the vitality of nature – Vitus. His name is related to the Old Bulgarian verb Vitati meaning to live, to dwell. Likewise, the life of nature pulsates in Vitu!



  • Fine taste of apple;
  • Fresh taste of lemon;
  • Unmistakable taste of orange;
  • A unique mix of cola and strawberry flavor;


  • Low calorie carbonated beverage – 2,3 kcal/250 ml;
  • With Mihalkovo spring water;
  • No added sugar;
  • Energetic value – 0,9 kcal/100 ml;
  • Fat – 0g;
  • Proteins – 0g;
  • Carbohydrates – 0,3g;



Product Package Volume
VITU Apple PET 0.3 L
VITU Lemonade
VITU Orangeade

0.5 L

2 L

VITU Lemonade
VITU Orangeade
VITU Cola & Apple


Mihalkovo is known all over Bulgaria with its springs and water. When experts at the factory cast about how to respond to the increased market interest in refreshing tasting beverages, they sent a team of experts to explore the spring water and find out options for a new product. This was an important decision that ought to give a strong impetus to development of the product range of the producer of Mihalkovo brand.

The team disputed, tested, and initially did not share the same opinion concerning the new product. One member of the team even took a stand that Mihalkovo should produce only its existing products. So it was decided to reconsider the new venture, without rushing, to look through the potential of the water in some more details. This way almost two years of preparation passed.

The cave, from which the spring water is extracted, is subject of several studies by the experts from the laboratory of Mihalkovo as well as guest-specialists. The water is important, so is the environment, so is the temperature, the positive energy of the spring is also important. It is important to make people feel good, refreshed and full of energy.

People had been selected randomly to share their opinion about the different options of the new drink. And all of them definitely decided: their choice was carbonated drink made with spring water, few calories, four flavours – apple, orange, lemon, cola & strawberry.


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