• Mihalkovo bottle 1956
  • Mihalkovo bottle 1967
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  • Mihalkovo bottle 1956
  • Mihalkovo bottle 1967
  • Mihalkovo bottle 1987
  • Mihalkovo bottle 2010
  • Mihalkovo bottle 2011


  • 1936 – A spring was discovered in the Posestra site in the valley of the Vacha river, 2 km east of Mihalkovo village;

  • 1939 – The Land Ownership & Consolidation Committee at Devin Municipality made a decision to nationalize the land within a 500-meter radius around the spring;

  • 1942 – The first sod was turned, shaft and analysis of water made;

  • 1956 – In a wooden shed, the first bottle of Mihalkovo water was manually filled, and being exhibited at the Plovdiv Fair, later on one-faucet devices and German dishwasher were used for bottling;

  • 1970 – A new factory was opened;

  • 1990 – The company was registered as a labor-production co-operative (LPC). Now the LPC has concentrated its activities entirely on the extraction and bottling of naturally carbonated water as well as of spring water;

  • 2000 – Mihalkovo JSC was created – 100% private equity company, which undertook all of its business activities;

  • 2008 – A new product was launched in the market – spring water of Mihalkovo;

  • 2012 – A new workshop of the factory was opened;

  • 2013 – The company offered to its customers its unique product – aromatized natural carbonated water with three new flavours – lemon, black currant and peach;

  • 2013 – A new brand of beverages was created – "VITU" – a low-calorie soft beverage with four fresh flavors – apple, lemon, orange and cola & strawberry;

  • 2014 – For the first time spring water was released on the Bulgarian market in green and green Bag-in-box cartons of 10 and 15 liters, and later of 14 liters;

  • 2015 – Spring water was put on the market into a glass bottle of 0.300 liters. The water was supplied in white glass bottles with a convenient shape and a tightly closable cap;

  • 2016 – A fountain was inaugurated in front of the factory, from which natural carbonated water flowed on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the first bottling of natural carbonated water.

  • 2017 – inauguration of the new Logistic centre of Mihalkovo Mineral Water Bottling company at the ringroad of the city of Plovdiv.



The LPC of Mihalkovo has a concession for water utilization of the Mihalkovo deposit, Mihalkovo village , Devin municipality, with drillings 1aPP and 1 SCP, from which the Mihalkovo mineral water is being bottled – naturally aerated with free carbon dioxide contents.

It is the only naturally sparkling mineral water in Bulgaria and in the Balkans, as well as one of the few mineral waters in Europe that are sourced in a naturally aerated state. It is beneficial for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular, alimentary, nervous system as well as endocrine-metabolic diseases.

In 2008 Mihalkovo launched a new product – Mihalkovo spring water. Mihalkovo spring water is pure mountain water from the Rhodopes. It springs at 1800 m above sea level at the foot of Modar Peak. Mihalkovo spring water is low mineralized water, suitable for everyday use by all age groups.




  • Mihalkovo spring water is the winner of the special prize in the category New Brand or Business of the National Competition Innovations in the Soft Drinks Industry – 2009;

  • Award from The Big Little Competition of the 24 Hours newspaper and Trud newspaper for the MBM Group – the trade company of the Mihalkovo branded products in 2015;

  • Mihalkovo spring water received a Golden Sign and an honorary diploma for contribution to the development of the Bulgarian economy of BIA in 2016;

  • Green Innovation Prize and Green Company Certificate from The Greenest Companies of Bulgaria Competition – b2b Media in 2016;

  • Award in the category Business Idea of the Year at the b2b Media’s Annual Awards in 2016






The Mihalkovo waters have been certified by:

SGS DE13/223574841 Mihalkovo TPK
SGS - DE13/223574841
SGS DE13/223574850 Mihalkovo JSC
SGS - DE13/223574850
ISO 9001:2015 – 11.06.2020




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